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Thursday, March 10, 2011



Preslees 4th BDay 106

Fun Family Time!

The past few weeks have been filled with all kinds of family time and I love love love it! We took the girls to the rodeo last weekend. It was really cold when we set out in the morning but it turned out to be a beautiful day. When Jarrod and I took Preslee the past 2 years she has gotten tired really quick and just wasnt that into it. This year however she LOVED it! We took the stroller that holds both girls, it has a seat on back for Preslee to sit incase she gets tired of walking. The only time she really rode in it was on the way in the gates of Reliant. She was out and about checking out all the animals and having a blast, all while jumping over cow patties.. 
Found the poo!

Preslee and Mommy- Houston Rodeo 2011
 The best part of the day had to be looking at all the pigs. P is so much like me it is crazy. She fell in love with those piggies! When I was small I wanted a pig so so bad... lol. Now so does Pres. SHe would walk up to the pin and say "Snort me! Snort my head off!" lol. Of course she won over many a person, like little social queen. Her sissy is gonna have a big job learning to stand out :)

Preslee and Kaylee are so great together. Preslee loves to hang out with her, watch tv with her, help me bathe her and so on. Having 2 girls is amazing, better than I could ever had imagined. Yes the days of being at home are totally different from having my career to focus on, but Ive grown to love it. I feel so happy that I get to spend so much time with my kids. Staying home with Kaylee since she was born in December has me realizing how much little stuff you miss in the early months if you are not with them 24/7. As Im sure Jarrod would tell you, sometimes I am frazzled to no end and want to run away lol...but ya know...when they are not with me I miss em.

Speaking of my littlest Kaylee is such a good baby!
Pretty Kaylee 3 Months Old

  She rarely fusses and eats great. She goes to sleep at 9pm and is out till 3am. Lately I have been having trouble getting her back to sleep in her crib and I just give up and bring her to bed with me. However, last night I was prepared for the battle :). She woke at 3am and I made myself sit in her room and feed her rather than take her back to my bed with me. She got sleepy again after her bottle and I layed her in bed still awake but drowsy. I stood there for a while patting her and trying to get her to stop squirming...then I hoped for the best and went back to bed. Crazy thing happened! SHE FELL ASLEEP! lol... I had to actually wake her at 9am when I was getting Preslee ready for preschool. Yea, I probably just jinxed myself but hey, its a start. You gotta start somewhere right? Kaylee is such a sweet blessing to our me, to Jarrod and to Preslee. Shes a bit of a Mommas girl already but it doesnt stop her from having fun with Daddy. Preslee loves to "Fly" with Jarrod...and a few days ago Kaylee had her first "flying" experience with Daddy. So funny and cute.
Time to Fly!!!

We really have been having a wonderful few weeks. Great Grandma did great with her hip surgery and Kaylee, Preslee, Jarrod and I went to the hospital daily to see Mom and Great Grandma.

Kaylee and Great Grandma Steed

I was able to capture 2 very sweet photos of them. Her Alzheimers is getting worse but Mom does such a wonderful job of taking care of her.

Great Grandma Steed, Kaylee Pauline and Mom
March 2011

Please keep Great Grandma in your prayers for a speedy recovery. :). Last but not least -- Preslee's exciting news. She helped Papaw drive a tractor at his jobsite. She was so so so excited to pick up dirt and dump it out. She just loves being at work with Dad. 
Working with Papaw 2011
He got her a hardhat and she wrote her name on it. She says she needs to go help Papaw at his dirt job and work with his "work mans". Shes the funniest kid I have ever met...

Mommys Baby 4Ever!
Grandma and Kaylee
March 2011

Chillin' at Mimi's

Thats that for today.. time to get some stuff done around here...or facebook..we will see what happens, wink wink.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I think I can, I think I can...

Ever feel like you are "The Little Engine that Could"?

Ive decided that it is time for me to start a blog that is easy for people to follow. The shutterfly site I have is nice but uploading photos and making sure everyone has access is becoming hard. I really truly enjoy being able to post news about our daily life or just expressing emotions that build up in the day to day grind.

For the first time in a while I feel like things are leveling out. The whirlwind of adding Miss Kaylee Pauline to our family is calming down and Preslee is into a good groove with preschool and helping with her new sister. I had so many reservations and concerns about my lifestyle change while i was pregnant with Kaylee. I was worried that I would not be able to give Kaylee as much of my heart as I have given Preslee. I was worried that Preslee may not do well "sharing" Mommy and be sad and upset. And silly enough I was worried that having another child would put my girl P in the shadows and leave me torn between two lifes....the one I had and the one I have now. THANK GOODNESS none of that every came to be. I worried and worried over nothing. Its so hard when you are in the moment to not worry about things, and to just "know" things will be fine. I spent so much time scared and worried... now I look back and wish that I would have just had faith that it would all be ok and that God would take care of us.

The reason I bring that up is that today I had to make a really hard decision. It is not something I want to discuss per say, but I just want to put it out there that I am really trying to lean on my faith right now. I spent atleast 6 months debating what to do, and after many mnay nights of prayer and confiding in loved ones I made the decision that is best for my well being. Emotional stress sure can take a toll on me, and eliminating that one large bit of stress and turmoil has me breathing a little easier. I know that I have a long road ahead of me, however...this is a start to standing up for myself and not living each day with anxiety and fear over others actions.

So, there ya go... a new year and new resolutions. Im going to strive for happiness and continue to surround myself by those that lift me up. I am a role model for two beautiful girls..and I want to go to sleep at night knowing that Ive been the best example I can be. No matter what.

I think I can, I think I can....